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PBG370   PBG370 BD Dog, bone
PBG373   PBG373 BD Mouse, Cheese
PBG374   PBG374 BD Fox
PBG375   PBG375 BD Squirrel
PBG379   PBG379 BD H'day sq (holder)
PBG381   PBG381 BD Dogs joy ride
PBG383   PBG383 BD Happy birthday font
PBG384   PBG384 BD Dog/bike
PBG385   PBG385 BD Chicks sing
PBG386   PBG386 BD Spots
PBG387   PBG387 BD Cat
PBG388   PBG388 BD Cake
PBG389   PBG389 BD Fishes
PBO201   PBO201 TY Daisy
PBO202   PBO202 AV Hearts
PBO206   PBO206 GW Get well soon
PBO208   PBO208 CG Stars
PBP035   PBP035 CG Well Done
PBP036   PBP036 TY Thank you font
PBP044   PBP044 GL Good luck
PFP114   PFP114 TK Butterflies
PHP040   PHP040 MY Teddy at window
6826   PICASSO Demoiselles Avignon (6826)
6827   PICASSO Pitcher, Fruit Bowl (6827)
6828   PICASSO Self Portrait (6828)
6829   PICASSO The Bathers (6829)
6831   PICASSO The Three Musicians (6831)
6830   PICASSO Woman w/Yellow Hair (6830)
PRP005   PRP005 SY Poppies
PRP006   PRP006 SY Tree
PRP022   PRP022 SY Sympathy Lillies
PRP023   PRP023 TK Thinking of You
PRP025   PRP025 TK Hang in There Bear
PRP026   PRP026 SY Poppies
PUP201   PUP201 AV Husband Anniv Bee
PWP101   PWP101 GW Mice serving tonic
PWP102   PWP102 TY Thank you mice
PWP106   PWP106 WD Wedding Mice
PWP109   PWP109 BD Special Friend
PWP112   PWP112 AV Wife Anniv Fox
6814   RAFFAELLI Blvd in Paris (6814)
RAP106   RAP106 CG Shiniest Star
RAP108   RAP108 NH Home Magical Times
6846   RAPHAEL Cherub, left (6846)
6847   RAPHAEL Cherub, right (6847)
6845   RAPHAEL Triumph of Galatea (6845)
6836   RENOIR Luncheon Boat Party (6836)
6838   RENOIR The Theatre Box (6838)
6843   RENOIR The Umbrellas (6843)
6811   ROUSSEAU The Sleeping Gypsy (6811)
S554-SY   S554-SY SY Arum lily
S589-TO   S589-TO TK Poppies
S683-SY   S683-SY SY Grasses
6815   SARGENT A Morning Walk (6815)
6806   SEURAT Isle La Grande-Jatte (6806)
SGG002   SGG002 NC Fox
SGG003   SGG003 NC Bird
SGG004   SGG004 NC Hot air balloon
SGG006   SGG006 NC Bouquet at window
DYR304   Sister (DYR304)
FLR102   Sister (FLR102)
PWR405   Sister (PWR405)
65288   Son (65288)
EXR001   Son (EXR001)
SYR006   Son (SYR006)
6835   STEER Summer at Cowes (6835)
SUG026   SUG026 BD Dog holds gifts(holder)
SUG029   SUG029 BD Handbag & shoes
SUG033   SUG033 BD Dog on stripes (holder)
SUG034   SUG034 BD Cars (holder)
SUG036   SUG036 BD Cake, candles
SUG037   SUG037 BD Balloons
SUG038   SUG038 BD Cupcake
SUG051   SUG051 BD Birthday boy
SUG052   SUG052 BD Balloons/chicks
SUG053   SUG053 BD Cat/dog/gifts
SUG054   SUG054 BD Candles
SUG055   SUG055 BD Super!
SUP106   SUP106 NH Cat & flowers
SUP118   SUP118 RT People in field
SWP001   SWP001 AV Anniversary two birds
SWP007   SWP007 TK Thinking of You
SWP008   SWP008 WD Wedding heart birds
SYG006   SYG006 BD Bird & gifts
SYG007   SYG007 BD Cars
SYG010   SYG010 BD Pigs
SYG017   SYG017 BD Monsters
SYG018   SYG018 BD Sweetie
UMG002   UMG002 BD Butterfly
UMG003   UMG003 BD Sailboat
UMG004   UMG004 BD Flamingo
UMG005   UMG005 BD Dots
UMG006   UMG006 BD Unicorn
UMG007   UMG007 BD Bird in cage
UMG009   UMG009 BD Peacock
UMG011   UMG011 BD Flower pot
UMG012   UMG012 BD Balloons
UMP103   UMP103 TY Thank you dots
UMP104   UMP104 AV Birds
UMP105   UMP105 NH Home, flower bed
UMP106   UMP106 GW Feel Better Soon
UMP107   UMP107 TK Thinking of You Dots
UMP108   UMP108 CG Well Done Dots
6875   VAN GOGH Artist's Bedroom (6875)
6864   VAN GOGH Daisies, Anemonies (6864)
6863   VAN GOGH Fritillaries (6863)
6870   VAN GOGH Noon Rest (6870)
6867   VAN GOGH Oleanders (6867)
6862   VAN GOGH Poppies (6862)
6865   VAN GOGH Two Sunflowers (6865)
6813   VAN HUYSUM Flowers in Urn (6813)
PWR403   Wife (PWR403)
SUR238   Wife (SUR238)

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