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Persimmon Press Inc. was founded in 2003 by two entrepreneurs.
We have over 800 everyday and seasonal card designs.
We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We currently publish our flagship photographic card line (650+ designs) printed in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We also import an illustrated card line (150+ designs) designed and printed in the U.K.

Persimmon Press began publishing photographic greeting cards in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2003. At that time most greeting cards, even the ones published by so-called boutique card publishers, either had uninspiring designs, poorly written greetings, or both. After a year of planning and writing, we introduced 120 everyday card designs in March 2003. The line has expanded to over 650 designs (everyday and seasonal) and became wildly popular due to their cute & colorful designs, thoughtfully written greetings, and reasonable retail prices. Some shoppers love our cards so much that they sometimes buy our cards without anyone in mind to send them to.

Never corny or risqué, our whimsical and fun photographic cards appeal to a broad audience and consistently out-sell other, more established card lines. Persimmon Press cards feature attention-grabbing, vibrantly-colored photos perfectly paired with original, carefully-chosen greetings that say just enough, giving the card giver the option to personalize it further with their own message.

Since 2008 we have been importing illustrated greeting cards from the U.K. to offer a more traditional look and a wider selection to our loyal retailers. True to our belief, we’ve chosen to carry only the best-selling designs. Many are printed using a six-color printing process and embellished with foil stamping, embossing and glitter. Our customers have had overwhelming success with them. If you want more than photographic cards for your store, please consider our imported cards.

IN BY 1:00, OUT BY 3:00
Most orders received by 1pm PT are shipped same day. UPS Ground service too slow? No problem. Choose 2-3 day Priority Mail Shipping from the US Postal Service at little extra cost. We go the extra mile to expedite your order and have helped countless retailers get last-minute orders in time for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day without incurring exorbitant freight costs. Now that’s true customer service.

Our concern for the environment goes beyond printing on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks. We avoid wrapping our cards in plastic, generating less waste and less work for our retailers when unpacking their orders. We also re-use everything. Shipping cartons and package filling from our suppliers are re-used to ship out orders or returned to suppliers to be re-used. Nothing gets wasted. Only if we can’t re-use, we recycle.
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